People who want to sell their recyclables can find out where to take them by going to, a site started by co-owners of Salvage America, a recycling center.

The co-owners noticed that search engines weren’t directing people to the right sites. For example, people searching on Google were taken to directories that left the impression that Salvage America sold used auto parts, when in fact that was not the case. allows people to type in their location and find a listing of recycling centers and a list of the type of recyclables they purchase. For example, if you type Chicago, IL, into the site’s search box, you’ll find that a company called Universal Scrap Metals buys scrap metals, aluminum and junk cars while J & S Metals buys aluminum, brass, copper wire and scrap steel.

The site also features RecycleBill’s RecycleBlog — — which includes postings on green topics and urban farming. There’s a new and exciting posting (or two) every day, so visit often!

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