As a steward to the recycling community, ecycler is tasked to educate the public on recycling best practices. In some cases, a re-education or myth squashing. Our latest encounter led to a discussion regarding aluminum cans and their pull tabs.

Pull tabs have no special value.

It is always best to recycle the whole can! The pull tabs have no special value; in fact, they contain only a fraction of the aluminum the comprises the can as a whole. The value of recycling is at its fullest when the entire can is recycled. Both in terms of benefit to the environment and the dollars and cents in your pocket.

As we continue to speak with business owners and consumers we sometimes meet people with misinformation, our duty is to correct or redirect these situations.

We found this great article that backs up our stance to debunk the myth of saving only the tabs. Check it out here on Snopes: Keeping Tabs