It’s that time of year again – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over and it’s countdown to Christmas.

While you’re adding green to your home with boughs of holly, it’s worth trying to be green at the same time.

Here are some tips for having a jolly environmental holiday:

Reuse boxes you have around the house when wrapping items or shipping gifts, including shoe boxes.

Use recycled wrapping paper or get creative and use newspapers or paper bags from the grocery store to wrap gifts. Save the pretty gift bags and wrapping paper people give you and reuse them to present a gift to someone else.

Send electronic holiday cards.

Use LED Christmas lights to save on energy.

Instead of buying new stockings, decorate old socks (just don’t use ones with holes in the toes or that lump of charcoal will fall out).

Compost whatever ham and stuffing is leftover that you don’t want to eat the next day.

When the holidays are over and the last ornaments have been plucked from the tree, recycle the Christmas tree (unless you used a fake one). Most cities will pick up Christmas trees and other foliage free of charge and mulch the remains.