Girls reusing a empty plastic water bottle

Teaching your children how to recycle can be a very worthwhile experience. Not only are you helping our environment, but you’re keeping the environment safe and healthy for their future.
Buying reusable products is the first step towards teaching children how to conserve. Instead of constantly buying them disposable lunch bag products or water bottles, buy them items such as steel bottles and plastic lunch bags that can be reused many times before needing to be thrown out. Kids are known to follow by example, so this could be a simple and money saving technique to show them how to conserve.

More often than not, families will use disposable paper napkins at the dinner table each night. By switching this with a personal washcloth for each family member, you can save money while also reducing your footprint on the environment. This is another simple method that can get your child used to be ecologically friendly.

By allowing kids to run the recycling program at home, you will be able to satisfy their want for being in charge while also teaching them how to recycle. Allow your children to recycle all of your plastic and glass used goods, and then you can even teach them about bottle redemption to really make their mind set on recycling. Taking your child to the bottle redemption machine each week will continue to motivate him to recycle while also giving him some extra money and keeping the environment clean.

Donating your children’s used and unwanted goods is mutually beneficial to both you and those in need. Make your child feel good about himself by donating to the poor and helping those in need. Besides the recycling aspect of this, its also just a nice gesture that many should do anyways.

Finally, trying to start a recycling program around the community or at your local school can be a huge way to get your kids to recycle. By instituting a recycling program in the school, all the children would want to be involved in it and it could have an excellent outcome. The school can also use motives in their program to motivate the children, such as rewarded them with a homework pass when a certain amount of items have been recycled. Starting the habit of recycling in school can carry over to your own home, eventually you will have your child teach you how to recycle!

Recycling can be a great way to keep the environment clean and safe for the future, while being an economically smart decision. By using these five tips to teach kids how to recycle, you can make a huge impact on the environment without having to put in much effort.

Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites.