In the charitable spirit of tax season and spring cleaning, the City of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department has again offered to help local residents recycle their old tax files free of charge.  This marks the Environmental Services Department’s 10th Annual Tax File Recycling event, which has been opened since April 11, 2012 and will not close until April 20th.  The location is the Miramar Recycling Center at 5165 Convoy Street, where residents can drop old tax files off to be shredded and safely secured before being recycled.

Each resident is permitted to bring one “Banker’s Box” worth of paperwork, which is approximately a 10-inch high, 15-inch wide, and 25-inch deep box of tax documentation, which should be plenty for any fine American Tax-payer.

The Director of the Environmental Services Department, Chris Gonaver has said that, “recyclable paper continues to be a large percentage of all waste buried in the Miramar Landfill.  The City now accepts bagged, shredded paper through our curbside recycling program.  For those residents without curbside collection, or home paper shredders, this confidential recycling service ensures that all San Diego residents have a safe alternative for recycling their tax files.”

As the event comes just about five months after the city announced that san diego recycling rates were up to their highest ever at 68% which is a two-percent markup from the previous year’s number.  Hopefully, this latest tax recycling offer will help in at least a small way to push that ever-increasing percentage a little higher.

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