Who lives in Texas? We need your support in getting this bill passed!

What does it all mean? The Texas Bottle Bill in a nut shell:

Beverages Covered:
Beer, malt, carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, wine, coffee, tea, juices and flavored and non-carbonated waters. Dairy products excluded.

Containers Covered:
All sealed containers made of glass, plastic or aluminum containing a beverage of 4 liters or less.

Amount of Deposit:
10¢ on 24 oz or less, 15¢ on greater than 24 oz

Handling Fee:
A handling fee to be paid to retailers, redemption centers, recycling centers and registered curbside operations.

Reclamation System:
Retail stores (optional), redemption centers, reverse vending machines, non-profit organizations.

Beverage Container Fund:
Funding for educational recycling programs and the recycling industry

Program Goal:
75% overall recycling rate for Texas

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed from across the State of Texas. Any help is greatly appreciated:

  • Distribute flyers at nearby stores and public events
  • Gather signatures on petitions to show your legislators the we support the Bottle Bill.
  • Send a letter to the editor of your local paper showing your support of the bill. Local newspapers want to hear from residents on this type of issue.
  • Do you have other ideas, please share them with us.

For more information, check out www.texasbottlebill.com