Utilizing wikis, which are web sites that allow others to edit the content, is important for businesses.

The most well known wiki is Wikipedia, which contains information on companies and people and just about everything else. Because Wikipedia entries are often the first things that show up when people conduct an online search for a well-known person or business, the content is viewed widely by people and is often unquestioned. So for a business that already is featured on Wikipedia, it’s important to monitor the information that’s been posted, correct anything that’s wrong and update it frequently, so that it’s fresh.

ecycler’s entry in Wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ecycler

People can also create their own wikis, like we did for ecycler. By creating your own wiki you can populate it with wiki entries that are specific to your company or project.

For example, we created a wiki entry for the Fairfield Challenge: http://wiki.ecycler.com/wiki/index.php/Fairfield_Challenge.

It’s important to be in the venues where your customers are congregating, so blogging and participating in forums like wikis are good places to interact with and communicate to the people using your product or service.