Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have a lot to celebrate–even with today’s economy. We, at ecycler, have put together ten ways to be green and giveback to the environment.

Don’t travel– Instead of driving or flying somewhere this Thanksgiving, stay close to home. Not only will forgoing travel save your sanity, it will also save some carbon.

Carpool or use mass transit – If you’re not hosting dinner and you have to get to someone else’s home, ride with friends or relatives or take public transportation.

Buy natural and local – Buy free range turkey and organic produce for your Thanksgiving feast. If you can buy ingredients from a farmer’s market or a turkey from a local farm, even better – the fewer miles products travel to your table, the better.

Cook green – Roast your turkey in a reusable roasting pan. If you must use a foil pan, be sure to recycle it.

Dine by candlelight – It sets an intimate mood for your meal and saves electricity. And you can even use beeswax or soy-based candles, rather than paraffin candles, which are made from petroleum.

Use the good china – As tempting as it may be to use paper plates and plastic cutlery in order to avoid doing dishes, Thanksgiving is the time to bring out the china. And use cloth napkins rather than paper.

Give thanks – While you’re going around the table discussing what you’re thankful for this holiday, have each family member mention what he or she can do to be green.

Recycle – Toss all cans and bottles used during dinner into the recycling bin. Then give them away on ecycler.com!

Compost – Don’t throw the scraps in the trash – compost them!

– Remember that the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers! Making turkey sandwiches and soup for the next few days saves on grocery bills and trips to the store.

This and all the Crush that Can episode may be viewed here: CrushthatCan.com. Crush that Can is a series of videos–short, humorous videos to demonstrate different ways to decrease the size of aluminum cans in order to prepare them for recycling in non-bottle bill states.

Happy Thanksgiving from ecycler.com!