Help us celebrate America Recycles Day!

Businesses have an opportunity to offer their customers more than just a product or service – by making green thinking part of their culture, their customers gain peace of mind knowing that concern for the environment is part of the product. Many large companies have sustainability programs that involve working only with suppliers that meet their environmental standards, reducing their carbon footprint by operating fully packed trucks and making fewer deliveries and using alternative sources of energy to fuel their plants. But there are much smaller, everyday ways that offices can reduce waste and involve all employees in making the workspace more environmentally friendly.

We, at ecycler offer these top-20 ways to make your business greener:

  1. Make green thinking part of your corporate culture
  2. Encourage your employees to recycle their beverage cans, newspapers, cardboard and other office waste using and set up recycling bins in your office or warehouse
  3. Recycle other office products that you might not traditionally think can be recycled, such as electronics, batteries, scrap metal and phone books
  4. Use hybrid or electric delivery trucks
  5. Run diesel trucks on B100 or B10 biodiesel (100% biodiesel is referred to as B100)
  6. Use high-efficiency light bulbs in your office (watch for LED bulbs in 2011)
  7. Encourage employees to use alternative transportation to get to work, either by subsidizing bus or train passes; creating car pools or providing incentives for those who bike or walk to work
  8. Eliminate or cut down on junk mail
  9. Provide coffee cups that are re-useable; napkins and other kitchen products that are made with recycled items and that can be recycled
  10. Install hand dryers in your restrooms instead of paper towels
  11. Encourage employees not to print out e-mails, reports and other documents unless absolutely necessary
  12. Install motion-detector lights in areas like the bathroom and kitchen, in order to save electricity
  13. Host monthly clean-up days in which employees recycle items they no longer need in their workspace
  14. Encourage employees to turn off their computers and other electronics before they leave the office for the evening
  15. Provide a water cooler and discourage employees from bringing bottled water to work
  16. Stock the printer and fax machine with recycled paper
  17. Reorder office supplies only when needed rather than keeping extra pens, paper and other supplies on hand, as that encourages employees to take more items than they need
  18. Install energy-efficient refrigerators and dish washers in the breakroom
  19. Have employees deposit their extra change in a bowl and at the end of six months, donate the loose change to an environmental charity
  20. Ask the cleaning crew to use non-toxic cleaning supplies

Doing any or all of these things will help businesses do their part to help the environment. Businesses and residents alike can use to handle many of their recycling needs.

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