When you’re celebrating Halloween today, remember the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here are some tricks to making your Halloween a treat for the environment:

When you’re done enjoying your caramel apples and jack-o-lanterns, add the apple cores and pumpkins to your compost pile. Some cities will pick up pumpkins on yard waste collection days (check with yours to see if they compost). If you compost it yourself, remove candles before cutting up the pumpkin and mixing it into the pile.

Use a reusable shopping bag to collect your Halloween candy.

Get in the spirit of the night and reduce the amount of lights in your house, using candles or only minimal lighting.

Buy candy that comes in the least amount of packaging – or, instead of candy, give away items that are fully consumable, such as apples.

Remember to check labels to see if your candy wrappers can be recycled.

Pack up your decorations and reuse them again next year.