There’s a new green monster in town and his name is Big Green Head! He’s an eco-friendly monster on a mission to change your perception about going green. It doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or costly; but you may wonder “where do I start?”

Where Do I Start Going Green?

This is the very same question Kate and Karen asked themselves. They’re the two moms who created Big Green Head with the purpose of leading their families and others down an easy green path. Their website,, takes everyday tasks and provides a less wasteful, healthier and many times less expensive alternative.

Not only will you find Kate and Karen’s friendly, approachable, monster on their website, but a positive attitude and a little fun and humor. They have created a platform for themselves and others to share their green trials and tribulations on the Big Green Blog. The site also reports on green current events and interesting stories, and introduces businesses, products and organizations that can help you on your green journey while keeping in mind a busy lifestyle on a budget.

Simple and Positive

“Taking baby steps and keeping a positive attitude is how real change happens”, says Karen. “The benefits we reap will be worth the efforts we put forth: a healthy family, community and planet”.

It’s Not Just for Treehuggers Anymore!

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