The third installment in our ecycler series on Recycle Bins and their set-up: labels and signage.

Recycle Bin Labels and Signage

When recycle bins are installed, one needs to clearly explain what is intended to be recycled.

The bins should be clearly labeled with what is expected to be recycled. For example, “Aluminum Cans ONLY!” or “Office Paper ONLY!“. People will only know the rules if you explain the rules to them.

It is also a good idea to supplement the recycle bin label with some simple signage, as this will reinforce the message of the labels. But, don’t write a novel on the sign, as people will never read it! Just a few words to describe what should be recycled in this particular container. Attach the sign to the wall just behind the bin. Of course, it’s ideal to print the signs on 100% recycled paper.

Sample ecycler Recycle Bin Sign

The Lesson

  • Bottles and cans should be emptied before placing them in the recycle bin
  • Place a trash can near to the recycle bin for convenient disposal of trash in the appropriate receptacle and recyclables in their bin
  • Bins should have liners
  • Apply short and descriptive labels and signage to and around the bins