The second installment in our ecycler series on Recycle Bins and their set-up: recycle bin liners.

Recycle Bin Liners

What’s the point of a recycle bin liner? Despite the extra cost, the liner keeps the bin clean. It also makes it really easy for the collector to grab the contents of the bin.

Keep the Recycle Bin Clean

This is an important point, especially in a public (restaurant, shop, etc.) setting. The liner keeps any wasted liquids contained and it keeps all the bugs out. A clean (even hygienic) bin will continue to look nice and be an inviting asset to ones store or restaurant.

Collection Made Easy

The ecycler collector will be able to more quickly remove the contents of a bin that has a liner, rather than transferring the contents into another bag or a larger container. The transfer process not only adds time to the collector’s duties, but the noise (especially from aluminum cans) is an unwanted side-effect.

Liner Types

We, at ecycler, suggest using compostable liners–obviously a better choice for the environment. Or, at a minimum, liners that are manufactured with recycled plastics. The liners should be thick enough to resist tearing when the full bags are transported. A thickness of about 1.25 mil should be sufficient.

We’ve found that green or blue liners tend to reinforce the recycling idea. And, ideally the liners will have the universal recycling symbol printed on it.

Ideally you will find a liner made specifically for your recycling bin; otherwise, you can use a 30 or 33 gallon trash bag.

The Lesson

  • Bottles and cans should be emptied before placing them in the recycle bin
  • Place a trash can near to the recycle bin for convenient disposal of trash in the appropriate receptacle and recyclables in their bin
  • Bins should have liners