ecycler has been selected as one of the ten finalist to compete in this challenge!


Small Business Road to Success Challenge

Ten small business finalists will receive 15 free nights at Fairfield Inn & Suites to be used from September 13 through December 7 to travel around the country for the sole purpose of growing their business.

Finalists will share their journey with the public by blogging, tweeting and posting photos. After three months of traveling the country and working through a set of business challenges, one small business will be awarded a grand prize of $20,000 by the judging panel.


As a “green” company we try to minimize our travel as much as possible, but sometimes it is inevitable (and necessary).

Our goal is basic: Acquire additional website users, both collectors and discarders. We will take a bifurcated approach:

1) Collectors – add 50 qualified individuals, groups or businesses

2) Discarders – add 1000 qualified homes, businesses or institutions

We will continue to ratchet-up our successes to gain these new site users. The hotel stays will allow us into additional markets (around the US and Canada)

Thank you Fairfield Inn & Suites!

Check us out here:

Our official Press Release.


We’ve created Crush that Can episode 37 in celebration of our participation in the Fairfield Challenge!