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Ecycler based out of Lake Forest, IL (USA), creates a new way to recycle by connecting people discarding cans, bottles and newspapers with those wishing to collect them. Ecycler makes recycling easier for households and businesses in Canada and the US.

Tim Laurent shares his experience with .tel, and his views on the future of .tel technology.

As an Internet company, Ecycler relies on leads from the Internet, and 100% of our user base is Internet capable. Therefore, we try to be as accessible as possible. We allow communications through traditional forms (email, contact us page, blog, forums) and the social media channels (twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.). We are also actively engaged in a lot of social media channels; Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to name a few. We believe that everyone approaches life differently, so we are prepared to have a presence where ever we are needed. Many of these communication avenues are now consolidated through the ecycler.tel resource, which feeds into the idea of meeting our customers where they are.

We finally made the move and registered ecycler.tel about four months ago after seeing other .tel sites start to pop-up. We thought the idea of a simple, fast loading directory as a “must have” ecycler digital asset. Building the ecycler.tel site was relatively straight forward. And, it’s easy enough to update when needed. Of course, the fact that the .tel sites are search engine friendly is quite a plus.

Today ecycler.tel continues our philosophy of brand recognition. We consider it a core aspect of our communications strategy.

I think anyone who’s serious about an online presence can benefit from a .tel domain.  The .tel is a universal online phone book (directory). It’s a central communications hub for you or your business. When someone needs to find your phone number, or email address, or whatever, they can be assured that your .tel will have that information.

I think, .tel is going to continue to have an impact on the world. As more and more websites come online, we see .tel becoming even more important for people to more easily find what they need via an easy to use, fast loading framework.