ecycler goes to Canada
ecycler goes to Canada

Today, 21 July 2010, ecycler launches in Vancouver, Canada.

As part of our continuing efforts to find innovative and cost effective methods of reducing, reusing and recycling we are excited to launch which will provide an easy way for collectors and discarders to connect online.

Ecycler creates a new way to recycle by connecting people discarding cans, bottles and newspapers with those wishing to collect them. provides an alternative to the many Canadian households and businesses that are not offered curb-side recycling. It’s also an option for people who have to pay for curb-side recycling or who want to have their recyclables picked up when and where they desire.

Ecycler is partnering with Keystone, an established recycler and waste management firm located in Vancouver. This strategic relationship is to bolster each other’s strengths into a winning combination. The springboard into Canada follows the successful launch of ecycler USA ten months prior.

For the individual (or group) collecting recyclables, ecycler provides an entrepreneurship opportunity. Ecycler is driven by these collectors who establish an ecycler recycling program in their community. Collectors can download personalized business cards and posters generated by and then post them in public places. Collector accounts also include a customizable ecycler URL, i.e., their profile page. Anyone who has access to the Internet can become an ecycler collector.

Discarders can do their part for the environment while at the same time helping collectors in need of additional income. The discarders’ recyclables are “collected” by these individuals or groups and redeemed for cash at a local recycling center. Ecycler supports this community building for groups such as the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Church groups, social clubs, etc. by making available the same marketing materials used by individual collectors on

Ecycler encourages people to discard their recyclables for free; however, discarders can request a portion of the proceeds from the collector. Discarders can track their carbon credits on the site. In addition to the automated calculation of materials recycled though, discarders have the option of listing how many recyclables they’ve given away on their own to be included in their total. provides an accountability tool by allowing collectors and discarders to rate their experiences with one another.

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