When someone says, “I’m going to recycle material X“, it usually references the action of placing something in a recycling bin for curb-side pickup or taking it to a recycling center. A lot of materials are capable of being recycled–everything from aluminum cans to rubber tires, we’ve outlined a few on our Recycling Facts page.

What’s the purpose of recycling? There have been books written on the subject, so we’ll simply list a few points here:Where everything you buy counts for our Earth

  • Reduce waste going into landfills
  • Recover natural resources
  • Energy conservation (less energy to make cans from recycled aluminum than from mining aluminum oxide, for example)

So, what if instead of the traditional recycling flow from consumer to recycling center to raw materials for manufacturing, we take those materials and merely create a product? Better yet, how about a product that is fun or useful (or fun and useful)?

We’re spotlighting several myEARTH360.com products made from recycled/reclaimed materials. Come check them out:

  • ecoist bags made from recycled/re-purposed newspapers, candy3 design choiceswrappers, food packages, soda labels, subway maps, etc.
  • one eighty design home decor made in the USA from reclaimed metals found via dumpster diving
  • reiter8 totes made from reclaimed sails

Think outside the (recycling) bin for an opportunity to make a green impact. For a full catalog of these wonderful items, check out myEARTH360.com.