Tennessee’s (TN) proposed beverage-container deposit–the easiest, most effective Green Jobs Initiative we’ll see this year–comes before a legislative subcommittee on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. The committee members need to hear from you, the supporters. Unfortunately, they are hearing a lot of misinformation from special-interest opponents.

Most special interest groups apparently don’t understand how the new bill works; if the did they would not oppose it. Retailers, for example, would not have to use their floor space or pay employees to accept and pay back container deposits. Redemption centers that profit off their recycling sales would handle that. And, experience in other states shows, these centers would start-up (just as recycle centers would become profitable redemption centers) if the bill passes because two of the most commonly used containers — aluminum and plastic — are easily sold and highly profitable. The profits in other bottle-bill states easily offset the lagging market for glass.

Contact your Representative now:

Rep. Joe Carr–rep.joe.carr@capitol.tn.gov (Rutherford Co)
Rep.Ty Cobb–rep.ty.cobb@capitol.tn.gov (Maury Co)
Rep. Ryan Haynes–rep.ryan.haynes@capitol.tn.gov (Knox Co)
Rep. John Litz –john.litz@capitol.tn.gov (Hamblen Co)
Rep. Gerald McCormick–rep.gerald.mccormick@capitol.tn.gov (Hamilton Co)

Tell these folks why you support a 5-cent deposit on beverage containers. Be sure to include your hometown, especially if you live in one of their counties.