Think going digital means being green? A recent blog posting on ZDNet says, “think again.”

The resources required to produce eReaders may be more harmful to the environment than the use of pulp to make your morning paper.

Dozens of minerals and metals have to be mined and refined to make eReaders, not to mention all the plastic that has to be molded to encase the delicate insides.

“There is no question that print media could do a better job of managing the sustainability of its supply chains and waste streams, but it’s a misguided notion to assume that digital media is categorically greener. Computers, eReaders, and cell phones don’t grow on trees and their spiraling requirement for energy is unsustainable,” Don Carli, Executive Vice President of SustainCommWorld LLC and Senior Research Fellow with the Institute for Sustainable Communication, said in an interview with ZDNet.

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