Roll Call a Capitol Hill newspaper will be the first publication to be printed on 100 percent recycled paper. The change will reduce the newspaper’s environmental impact, while improving the overall quality for readers and advertisers. It also kicks off a broader initiative to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.

“We are very excited about this new greening initiative,” said Laurie Battaglia, managing director and executive vice president, CQ-Roll Call Group. “Our company is the leader in providing insight and analysis about the workings of Congress, and with this shift to 100 percent recycled paper, we will be the leader among Washington publications with regard to environmentally conscious publishing practices.”

The new paper will be used starting in early March 2010, and is made of 100 percent recycled fiber with up to 40 percent post-consumer content. It is process chlorine free (PCF) and acid free in order to minimize adverse effects to the environment. The paper is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Across the coming year, this important initiative will help CQ-Roll Call Group conserve the following resources:

  • 8,620 trees
  • 50,706 gallons of gasoline
  • 5,273,910 kilowatts of electricity
  • 182,541 gallons of water
  • 30,423 pounds of air pollutants
  • 1,673 cubic yards of landfill space

In addition, Roll Call’s quality and presentation for both readers and advertisers will improve as the new paper will be white, 30 percent brighter and offer greater opacity. As a result, photos, graphics, advertisements and text will be much sharper, more attractive and easier to read.

“This paper stock is brighter, sharper and future-oriented — words that also apply to our journalism,” said Mike Mills, editorial director and senior vice president, CQ-Roll Call Group. “With recent improvements in recovered fiber recycling, we are thrilled that we can now enhance Roll Call’s quality while helping to do more to protect the environment.”

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