Magnum Recycling USA received full operational permits and license authority for its Hudson, Colorado 120+ acre Tire Landfill facility. Magnum can now swiftly move forward with its Environmentally ‘Green‘ Technology using its Closed Loop Rubber Recycling Solutions at this production facility.

Magnum’s USA Facility
Magnum’s USA Facility

On November 4, 2009, Magnum Recycling USA received unanimous approval from Weld County for the Special Use Permit that governs operation of the Hudson Tire Landfill facility. The permits allow Magnum to accept tires and begin the installation and operation plan of one of the largest Next Generation Rubber Recycling & Solutions Facility.

Joseph Glusic, President and CEO of Magnum, stated, “We have accomplished significant strides during a very short period of time. This marks the beginning of what will be a rapid expansion at our Hudson Facility. We accomplished our goal of receiving all of the necessary permits and licenses required to allow full operational activity. We can now unequivocally state that Magnum owns and operates the largest tire landfill in the U.S.A.”

Bryan Brammer, COO of Magnum Recycling USA, commented, “We are now working with Magnum Engineering International (MEI) and its affiliates to transform Magnum’s Tire Landfill into a World Renowned Rubber Solutions Facility. This is a major milestone for both the company and its shareholders. With approximately 400,000 tons of tires and rubber scrap, Magnum can now rapidly accelerate its business strategy to produce high quality fine rubber powders and reactivated proprietary compounds through our strategic partnerships. The Magnum SRI Revolutionary Custom Compounds have recently made rubber recycling history by adding 20% rubber recycled content to an OEM Light Truck Tire and still retain all the performance properties of a Traditional Virgin Rubber Light Truck OEM Tire. We here in Colorado are incredibly excited to be involved in such revolutionary processes.”

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