Need to make some quick cash while at school, follow these tips:

  1. Recycle bottles and cans:  Throw a party and make sure that all cans and bottles stay at your place. ecycler is King
  2. Get a job:  You might have to work at McDonald’s and you might hate life, but at least you’ll have money.
  3. Sell your body for money:  No, not prostitution…give plasma!
  4. Sell your unused stuff on eBay or Craigslist:  Go through your old stuff at home and see what you can get rid of.
  5. Sell your old textbooks on Amazon:  You can usually get more money from selling your books on a site like Amazon than you would from the bookstore.
  6. Take notes in class and sell them:  You’re already in class taking notes, might as well try to sell them.  Post this on your facebook and you might just find some interested buyers writing on your wall.
  7. Be a tutor:  Tutor the dumb dumb in class and then make them pay you for it.

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