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Home Water Conditioning, the Next Generation – Part One

June 16th, 2018 No comments

I’m excited to document our journey to cleaner water in the family household.

We live on well water. Fortunately, the water quality is decent–but, I knew it could be better! Skipping to the final setup for a moment…

New Water Filtration System Fully Installed

We had three basic issues: Slight iron content, decently hard water, and the occasional sediment.

Sediment is easy to solve with a filter or two. Iron is more complicated and could use its own write-up. Iron was only slight so we felt we didn’t need the full iron removal system–the type of iron we have (ferric iron) can be solved with a special iron filter. Lastly, the water hardness…

I like the feel of hard-water and the taste of hard-water. But, not the scale / lime deposits that form around all of our fixtures.

Our solution? We added a Poly Salt Free Water Softener to our whole-house water filtration system:

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