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July 4th, 2012

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ecycler Helps You Earn Cash From Your Neighbor’s Trash
Startup Company Eliminates the Cold Call With Twitter
Congratulating the Fairfield Inn & Suites Small Business Challenge Winner: ecycler
Ecycler: Online Marketplace for Recyclable Stuff… Living green used to be a hard thing but with all the technological advances, anyone can change their lifestyle for the better.
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This adage fits well into the world of recycling. The cans you throw away could be part of a recycling collector’s daily income.
Ecycler Spotlight by Illinois Technology Association
Whether or not you’ve ever recycled a day in your life, there’s a new way to recycle that counts for the earth and cash… even helping others.
Say you have a pile of aluminum cans that you don’t want to send uselessly to a landfill, you like helping others in your community and you don’t feel like going to a recycling facility yourself. Good news!
Selected as Site of the Day for America Recycles Day 2010: Find recycling partners nearby.
Have you ever wondered what to do with those aluminum cans when your community doesn‘t have curb-side recycling? Or, maybe that stack of newspapers?
We believe that the easiest way for individuals to make a difference in the improvement of the environment is to recycle, and our goal is to make it even easier by pairing discarders and collectors through our web site.
Recycle! It’s the Easiest Place to Start Green: Big Green Head recently ran across an interesting website which gives people, with no curbside recycling, an alternative to the landfill.
Ecycler, A Green Exchange For Recyclers… Perhaps your city already has curbside recycling– perhaps it doesn’t. Doesn’t matter, you can still recycle without leaving your home or business.
This innovative company connects those who are willing to stockpile recyclables with those willing to pick up and deliver your recyclables to the nearest recycling center. I find this to be a unique solution for budget-crunched communities that want to develop a recycling program, but may not have the funding. The other great benefit of ecycler is that users can actually profit from the program.
One company is making it easier to recycle.
eCycler creates a win-win-win scenario in which consumers can easily dispose of their recycled goods, collectors (including individuals as well as organizations such as Boy Scout Troops) have a source of recyclables which can provide an extra income opportunity, and more goods are saved from the landfill.
Recycling may be the right thing to do for the planet, but for those without free curbside pickup service, it doesn’t always happen. Ecycler is a new site that aims to make it easier to recycle by connecting those in need of service with those who are willing to do the recycling. creates a new way to recycle by connecting people discarding recyclables (cans, bottles, newspapers, etc.) with those wishing to collect them.
If you are looking for new and innovative ways to recycle then you should definitely check out
Living without curbside recycling? Don’t fret … a new website called ecycler aims to connect recyclable discarders and collectors in your community.
Recycling that counts for the earth, cash and giving!
It’s Like eHarmony For Recyclers
How to Set Up a Recycling Bin. Setting up a recycle bin in a business (store, restaurant, office) or an institution is not as simple as your home recycle bin. Several factors including placement and signs are important to their success.
My View On Things – Recycling Made Painless creates a new way to recycle
Online Marketplace fosters small-scale recycling programs
Love this idea because we do not have curbside recyclable pickups where I live…
ecycler featured as a telnic .tel Story, check out the full story!
ecycler takes Recycling to the Internet Collecting Recyclables Made Smoother
The Ecycler site fulfills everyone’s green aspirations by connecting people who need a recycling service with those who want to do the recycling.
Using the Social Web to Recycle and Earn Money (in Spanish)
Green Blog (in French) Reviews
ecycler modern recycling: swap and recycle for profit

Talk from a San Antonian
Recap on TechCrunch50 2009 including mention of ecycler
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The goal of this site is to connect those who want to recycle their goods with those who are willing to pick them up. Blog
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