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Upcycle with Bottle Caps

November 9th, 2010 No comments

What does it mean to upcycle? Upcycling is the process of converting discarded materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. We, at ecycler, have found some terrific examples of upcycling recently, but this artist has really caught our eye: RotorCaps.

RotorCaps are made with materials from everyday life that would normally end up in the trash. The aim is to transform these materials into jewelry for adornment and quirky personal expression. It is also to get people excited about recycling and the idea that we can look at these items in a different way and see that there is beauty and value in them.

Bottle caps collected from bars local to Philadelphia (the artist’s home town) are the main attraction. In addition, almost anything that is printed on metal–including cans and tins–will do.

The jewelry is eye-catching, interesting and whimsical. It is inspired by common symbols found in mainstream advertising that when removed from the product is transformed into a personal icon to be celebrated by the individual. Most importantly though, Rotorcaps are about fun!

Check out Jen Roder, renegade silversmith, and her creations at

Big Green Head – An Eco-Friendly Monster on a Mission

October 27th, 2010 No comments

There’s a new green monster in town and his name is Big Green Head! He’s an eco-friendly monster on a mission to change your perception about going green. It doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming or costly; but you may wonder “where do I start?”

Where Do I Start Going Green?

This is the very same question Kate and Karen asked themselves. They’re the two moms who created Big Green Head with the purpose of leading their families and others down an easy green path. Their website,, takes everyday tasks and provides a less wasteful, healthier and many times less expensive alternative.

Not only will you find Kate and Karen’s friendly, approachable, monster on their website, but a positive attitude and a little fun and humor. They have created a platform for themselves and others to share their green trials and tribulations on the Big Green Blog. The site also reports on green current events and interesting stories, and introduces businesses, products and organizations that can help you on your green journey while keeping in mind a busy lifestyle on a budget.

Simple and Positive

“Taking baby steps and keeping a positive attitude is how real change happens”, says Karen. “The benefits we reap will be worth the efforts we put forth: a healthy family, community and planet”.

It’s Not Just for Treehuggers Anymore!

Check out Big Green Head on Twitter, Facebook and on his website

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Where Do I Recycling This…

October 20th, 2010 1 comment

People who want to sell their recyclables can find out where to take them by going to, a site started by co-owners of Salvage America, a recycling center.

The co-owners noticed that search engines weren’t directing people to the right sites. For example, people searching on Google were taken to directories that left the impression that Salvage America sold used auto parts, when in fact that was not the case. allows people to type in their location and find a listing of recycling centers and a list of the type of recyclables they purchase. For example, if you type Chicago, IL, into the site’s search box, you’ll find that a company called Universal Scrap Metals buys scrap metals, aluminum and junk cars while J & S Metals buys aluminum, brass, copper wire and scrap steel.

The site also features RecycleBill’s RecycleBlog — — which includes postings on green topics and urban farming. There’s a new and exciting posting (or two) every day, so visit often!

And, if you need a diversion from your day of collecting cans, don’t miss The Adventures of The Vegetable Stalker. Currently at over 80 excerpts from the biography of Veggie Head Stalker, green superhero and champion of the war to save the world from invasive and life threatening Genetically Modified Foods.

Green Living for Everyone!

September 11th, 2010 1 comment

You recycle–yeah (hopefully through ecycler)! You’ve reduced consumption of every day products and learned that reusing “stuff” is also a part of living green. You taken command of the three R‘s in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. So, now what? How about something green for your mind, body and soul?

Take a look around a great new green living blog we found:

Ecobellus is the brainchild of freelance writer Amanda Abella. It is where she shares articles, tips, deals and guides on everything that is green living.

Amanda began freelance writing in 2009 as a Green Wise columnist for and since then has taken her green living articles across the web. She hopes to share her knowledge and the new things that she learns with others who want live a green, healthy, and more sustainable lifestyle. She also hopes to recognize green businesses and services across the country for their efforts in sustainability.

Ecobellus has several categories which range from general wellness and simplicity to organic gardening and energy conservation. Other categories include a Green Living and Yoga Log where Amanda shares her own experiences with living a healthy and green life in an effort to connect with her readers.

At the end of the day, Ecobellus wants to raise awareness about green issues while helping people achieve their lifestyle goals. Whether you are a full time green living aficionado looking for some lifestyle upgrades or a novice to the environmental cause, Ecobellus has something for everyone.

Just in case you were wondering about the name ecobellus:

1. eco: environmentally friendly or sensitive

2. bellus: Latin for beautiful, pretty, pleasing to the eye.

Let us know your favorite story and its positive impact on your life!

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Beyond Traditional Recycling!

April 17th, 2010 No comments

When someone says, “I’m going to recycle material X“, it usually references the action of placing something in a recycling bin for curb-side pickup or taking it to a recycling center. A lot of materials are capable of being recycled–everything from aluminum cans to rubber tires, we’ve outlined a few on our Recycling Facts page.

What’s the purpose of recycling? There have been books written on the subject, so we’ll simply list a few points here:Where everything you buy counts for our Earth

  • Reduce waste going into landfills
  • Recover natural resources
  • Energy conservation (less energy to make cans from recycled aluminum than from mining aluminum oxide, for example)

So, what if instead of the traditional recycling flow from consumer to recycling center to raw materials for manufacturing, we take those materials and merely create a product? Better yet, how about a product that is fun or useful (or fun and useful)?

We’re spotlighting several products made from recycled/reclaimed materials. Come check them out:

  • ecoist bags made from recycled/re-purposed newspapers, candy3 design choiceswrappers, food packages, soda labels, subway maps, etc.
  • one eighty design home decor made in the USA from reclaimed metals found via dumpster diving
  • reiter8 totes made from reclaimed sails

Think outside the (recycling) bin for an opportunity to make a green impact. For a full catalog of these wonderful items, check out