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iCanRecycle Showcased on Today

February 19th, 2012 No comments

Come check out the write-up on and download our iCanRecycle mobile app–it’s free! is a Web 2.0 Directory with the best and latest web 2.0 sites, updated daily.

Fueled by a global network, 1000’s of app reviewed. Sounds good to us!

iCanRecycle is a virtual can crushing app. And, the best part is you can take any stored image or take a picture with your iPhone camera and apply it to the can, then crush away! Our virtual can may be rotated on both the vertical and horizontal axis for optimal viewing. Connect to your account to view all the cans you’ve actually recycled and see your environmental impact. We’ve calculated the carbon saved based on your recycling efforts and the equivalent of planted trees.

Showcase here:

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Recovered Materials from Waste Stream

February 2nd, 2012 No comments

Great News for Recycling!

We’ve tallied our 2011 recycling numbers and would like to share some of them.

Exhibit A: From two local (to ecycler HQ in Chicago) sources we have recovered over 300 pounds of aluminum from tapping into what was previously a waste stream. Almost 9000 cans have been recycled from these two businesses, one a restaurant and one a large automobile dealership.

Of course, 10,000’s of cans and bottles have been recycled through ecycler, but these two businesses show a great density of materials for our collectors.

Exhibit B: In only a few months since launching our “hard-to-recycle materials” service, almost a thousand pounds of miscellaneous materials, like crayons, CD’s, VHS tapes, tennis balls have been diverted from the landfill to specialized recyclers. For example, 33 pounds of crayons have been transformed into new crayons ready for a child’s art project.

“In the process of Recovering Materials from a waste stream, everyone’s a winner. Fewer tons of waste go into the landfill—instead, those materials will find new life. This action not only creates a greener world for us, but also supplies much needed opportunities to the workforce.”

We started the collection of books for recycling in January 2012, a very exciting addition to the ten other hard-to-recycle materials already offered. Ecycler will continue to expand the recovery of materials by reducing the amount of recyclables going into the waste stream of businesses and residential households.

We now have the capability to recycle 11 materials:

CD’s, DVD’s and discs:
Tennis Balls:
Alkaline Batteries:
Wine Bottle Corks:
VHS Tapes:
Inkjet Cartridges:
Bicycle Inner Tubes:

Make a difference and recycle with!

Vote for ecycler!

March 12th, 2011 2 comments

We’ve entered the Green Giant “The Green Awards” contest.

Come Vote for ecycler!

On the ecycler contest page, click on the “Vote Now!” next to the video… It will most likely ask you to register which takes less than 120 seconds.

The registration process is easy, it will ask for a name, email address, password, birth date, city, ZIP code and where you grocery shop.

This is a spam-free site…

We really appreciate the vote! Please also tell your friends and family.


At we bring together those who have recyclables to give away with those who want to collect those recyclables. Many US households, institutions and businesses are not offered curb-side recycling; we’re giving them that option.

The collectors—or community entrepreneurs—will redeem the recyclables they collect for cash.

We believe that the easiest way for individuals to make a difference in the improvement of the environment is to recycle, and our goal is to make it even easier by pairing discarders and collectors through our web site.

We currently are trying to reach people who would like to become ecycler discarders; we hope to get businesses apartments and groups of friends to start saving their recyclables for their local collector. Also we are looking for people to become a local ecycler collector and pick up recyclables from the discarders.

Don’t forget: Check out the contest and Vote for ecycler, we really appreciate it:

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2011 Free Enterprise Honoree

March 1st, 2011 No comments

Today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced ecycler as one of 25 Free Enterprise Honorees, recognizing our critical role in job creation and economic growth.

The Awards Program is designed to commend businesses across the nation for their strong business practices and contributions to the economy.

“We are proud to recognize your business’ success story and are impressed with your company’s accomplishments.”

Award criteria were based on staff training and motivation, community involvement, customer service and business strategies & goals.

Congrats to the 75 Blue Ribbon Small Business Award winners. We’ll see you next year!

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ecycler Wins the Challenge

February 8th, 2011 No comments

Ecycler has won the Fairfield Inn & Suites Small Business Road to Success Challenge!

As one of ten small business finalists vying for the grand prize of $20,000, ecycler received 15 free nights at Fairfield Inn & Suites to be used between September 13 and December 9 to travel around the country for the sole purpose of growing its business.

Ecycler shared its journey with the public by blogging, tweeting and posting photos. Several videos were also produced and uploaded to YouTube accessible via During the Fairfield Challenge, ecycler exceeded its goals of improving the environment, enhancing the social value of recycling and supporting local communities.

Timothy Laurent, co-founder of ecycler, said, “This win is a real boost to ecycler!” Laurent goes on to say, “We set some difficult goals, but succeeded at each one.”

Craig Robertson, co-founder of ecycler, adds, “We are excited about being recognized and look forward to using this momentum to get the word about ecycler to more people, businesses and cities to use ecycler for their recycling service.”

Ecycler plans on using the $20k to create a mobile application for the iPhone / iPad and to host a recycling bin contest. The contest will encourage people from communities around the US to design and to build the most cost-effective, yet durable recycling bin using materials from the Home Depot or Lowe’s or their local building supply store. A high-quality recycling bin typically costs a couple of hundred dollars and it’s heavy to ship. The goal of the contest is to see if someone can come up with a creative way to build recycling bins locally without the need to ship to businesses.

During the 15 hotel stays, Fairfield Inn & Suites was used as home base; ecycler spread word to numerous businesses and individuals about how ecycler can help them recycle for free. Ecycler posters were posted at grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants in all of the cities visited as a way to encourage discarders to join. Discarders are those who give away recyclables on

For more information

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ecycler Wiki

January 4th, 2011 No comments

Utilizing wikis, which are web sites that allow others to edit the content, is important for businesses.

The most well known wiki is Wikipedia, which contains information on companies and people and just about everything else. Because Wikipedia entries are often the first things that show up when people conduct an online search for a well-known person or business, the content is viewed widely by people and is often unquestioned. So for a business that already is featured on Wikipedia, it’s important to monitor the information that’s been posted, correct anything that’s wrong and update it frequently, so that it’s fresh.

ecycler’s entry in Wikipedia

People can also create their own wikis, like we did for ecycler. By creating your own wiki you can populate it with wiki entries that are specific to your company or project.

For example, we created a wiki entry for the Fairfield Challenge:

It’s important to be in the venues where your customers are congregating, so blogging and participating in forums like wikis are good places to interact with and communicate to the people using your product or service.

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ecycler Showcased on Today

December 14th, 2010 No comments

Ecycler featured on! Come check it out and make a comment. was created to help promising startups get exposure and receive insightful feedback. People come to StartUpLift to learn about new startups and to engage in stimulating conversation. Sounds good to us!

Feedback sought:

  • Do you find the site intuitive? Meaning, upon arrival to, is it obvious as to what the site is all about?
  • We would love some suggestions on the registration process.

I think it’s very cool that this company allows you to schedule a time and place to pick up recyclables…

Showcase here:

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ecycler Completes the Challenge

December 11th, 2010 No comments

During the Fairfield Challenge, ecycler exceeded its goals of improving the environment, enhancing the social value of recycling and supporting local communities.

Here’s how we did it:

During our visits to 13 cities, totaling 15 stays, using Fairfield Inn & Suites as our base, we spread word to numerous businesses and individuals about how ecycler can help them recycle for free. We posted ecycler posters at grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants in all of the cities we visited as a way to encourage discarders to join.

ecycler visited Kokomo, Indiana where we visited a variety of local shops and restaurants to let them know about ecycler and encourage them to register on the site as discarders. We are also handed out some of our ecycler reusable shopping bags.

While in Michigan we met with one of our Collectors who picked up the largest discard of cans to date to get feedback from him and learn more about his salvage business. In Lansing, Michigan, we met with the Michigan Recycling Coalition about developing a partnership with that organization. Also as part of the Michigan trip we were able to get in contact with the Michigan Recycling Partnership. Ecycler is now a member of the partnership and will be presenting to the partnership in January.

During a stop in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we met a woman who said she doesn’t recycle at all because she has to pay a fee to do so. By signing up on, she can now recycle and save money at the same time.

As a result of our efforts on these trips, hundreds of new users have registered on These new discarders and collectors will help keep cans, bottles and newspapers from clogging up landfills. Local communities will benefit because the collectors will earn extra income that can be pumped back into the local economy. It will also encourage people who haven’t recycled before to start.

We are very pleased to announce our newest business discarder the Fairfield Inn Orlando. We plan to find collectors for this hotel to meet their recycling needs. We now have several bins setup at a large car dealership in Northern Illinois with the approval to setup more bins at their multiple locations. We are working with the businesses to build out their ecycler profile pages so that their green efforts are known to the community.

Some of the best things we have heard said about ecycler are,

“ecycler is such a good idea for so many reasons.” tweet @ecycler

“I definitely will let anyone I know who may have cans to donate about your website.” tweet @ecycler

“Your new website should be a blazing success. I’ll talk to your again in the future.” Richard in MI

Radio host Kim Komando, whose weekly three-hour call-in talk show is heard on more than 470 stations, chose ecycler as a “Cool Site of the Day” on Nov. 15 in conjunction with America Recycles Day.

Another one of our goals for the future is to add scrap metal and appliances to the items that can be recycled via ecycler. During our trips we heard from potential discarders that there is growing demand for this kind of service.

We feel that ecycler deserves to win the Fairfield Challenge because there is nothing more important than the sustainability of our planet, and our site is doing its part – and encouraging legions of people around the country to do theirs – to help protect the Earth.

This and all the Crush that Can episodes may be viewed here: Crush that Can is a series of videos–short, humorous videos to demonstrate different ways to decrease the size of aluminum cans in order to prepare them for recycling in non-bottle bill states.
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Featured on MakeUseOf

October 18th, 2010 No comments

Ecycler recently had the honor of being showcased on MakeUseOf‘s website–a daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive. The aim of MakeUseOf is to guide you through the web and tell you about hot websites that you have never heard of, best software programs, and all kinds of “how to” tips for Windows, Mac and Linux computer users.

MakeUseOf launched in July 2006 and now has approximately 350,000 active subscribers and serves about 7 million pageviews a month. It also ranks among the most popular blogs on the web according to Technorati.

An excerpt of their article titled: Online Marketplace for Recyclable Stuff

Living green used to be a hard thing but with all the technological advances, anyone can change their lifestyle for the better. People often have a hard time figuring out what to do with their recyclable items since not all the neighborhoods provide resources to take care of your recyclables. Ecycler is a tool that can help you with that. Using Ecycler you can list your recyclable stuff for free. Simply choose the kind of items you want to give away such plastic bottles, paper etc., select your area and Ecycler will show you a list of recyclers that can come pick up your recyclables for free. You can also specify if your items are bagged or not and also specify the quantity.

On the other hand, if you want to make some quick cash, you can find people who are giving away their recyclable items and pick them up. You can search for items in specific areas or simply post your listing specifying what kind of items you are interested in and how much you are willing to travel. You can then sell these items to a recycling plant and make money, while helping the planet at the same time. You can also register to keep track of how much you have recycled and share that info with your friends.

Full MakeUseOf story is here:

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ecycler has Accepted the Challenge – Part II

October 1st, 2010 No comments

We’ve kept a running list of the places we’ve visited during the Fairfield Road to Success Small Business Challenge. Check out the ecycler has Accepted the Challenge posting for the challenge details and ecycler goals.

We had 15 nights available to us. And, we’ve managed to utilize all 15 stays! For your viewing pleasure, we’ve put together a photo montage. And, summarized all 15 stays…

Stay Number One

Date: 21 Sep 2010

Stay: 1 of 15

Property: Fairfield Inn & Suites – Champaign, IL

Primary Goal: Register Bromley Hall–a dorm of 700+ students–as an ecycler discarder. Help them understand the logistics of a large collection process.

Secondary Goal: Register sandwich shops, coffee shops, etc. around the campus.


Stay Number Two

Date: 29 Sep 2010

Stay: 2 of 15

Property: Fairfield Inn & Suites – Kokomo, IN

Primary Goal: Register sandwich shops, coffee shops, etc. around town.

Secondary Goal: Post ecycler posters at various town cafes, restaurants and stores to attract additional households as discarders.


Read more…

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