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ecycler’s Recycling Exchange Expanded

February 28th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ecycler.com has introduced new features that will make connecting with discarders and collectors easier.

ecycler's recycling exchange

ecycler's recycling exchange

A new collector directory allows people with recyclables to discard to find collectors in their state. Likewise, a new discarder directory allows collectors to see which discarders are nearby. It also enables discarders to see which other discarders are joining the ecycler revolution.

In addition, the site has a new recycling exchange feature that allows people to see what kind of recyclables are available in their state. For example, a collector could click on “ Florida ” and see that someone in a particular zip code has a trash bag of aluminum cans to give away. If that discarder resides in the collector’s area, the collector can then contact that discarder directly through ecycler.com to arrange for a pick-up.

Come check it out!

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