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ecycler Tote Giveaway

February 6th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We recently ran an article on the decision process of using either paper or plastic while in the checkout line (check it out here: Which is Better… Paper or Plastic?). Our conclusion? Best to use a re-usable bag. So, we thought it would be a great idea to give away a pile of our bags to one lucky winner. What’s a pile? How about five bags!

ecycler bag giveaway

ecycler Bag Giveaway

As always, the ecycler bags are available at shop.ecycler.com for $5.99 each.


We have a pile of FIVE of these fun ecycler Eco-Friendly Bags to giveaway!

How to Enter:

To enter, make a comment telling us how you are trying to be more GREEN.

Extra Entries:

For extra entries you may do the following, make sure you indicate your extras in a separate comment.

Available in the US only, this giveaway will end on March 1, 2010 See the official Rules here

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    • This year I am working to cut my trash in 1/2 and increase my recycling by that same amount!

      Great work, also retweeted your contest!!

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    • Great idea! GreenBeans rescue cell phones & batteries from the dump! Our goal this year? To increase our collections and recycling to 1 ton /month ! Wish me luck!!

    • jamesbillingsworth

      Educated family on what may be recycled which resulted in cutting back on what goes into the landfill. Making an effort to recycle the “hard-to-recycle” items like batteries, too.

    • We only use green party supplies (i.e., biodegradable cups and plates made from corn) on our boat tours. We recycle all our cans and bottles, too. All collected in bio-bags. We're working with an outfit on the composting of our food waste.

    • Recycle, recycle, recycle… But also sold my car–now only use public transportation (lucky I live in a “real” city)! Started a composting project, may the worms do good!

    • Not so much recycling as re-using. So… We take our most interesting (and empty) wine bottles to make candle holders out of them. The rest do go into the recycle bins.

    • gretchen

      I'm researching methods of recycling. Going to join terracycle and hope to find ways to use things that might get thrown away that aren't recyclable, maybe art.

    • mbids

      I recycle absolutley everything I possibly can.I take my own silverware to work so I don't have to use the plastic ones they provide.I have a small jug i fill w/water at home to take to work so i don't have to worry about plastic water bottles.I even take home my paper napkins and throw them in the paper stack at home so i can burn them in the wood burning stove.and I use cloth grocery bags always.

    • i recycle, compost (even though i dont use it that often, its better than putting it in the trash right?), and am getting into the habit of bringing reusable bags to the store (when i forget i make sure to return the plastic bags to the recycling bag boxes that are often found in stores)
      i also followed ecycler on twitter (@cherokeesita) and retweeted your note about the contest.

    • Good Luck! This world will be a better place.

    • Thanks again to everyone for their entries. We've placed all the qualifying names into a hat and have drawn out the winner. The winner will be announced as soon as confirmation has been made.

    • Congratulations again, Ela! You should receive the five totes by Monday.